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There’s no doubt about it; quality content is the foundation of effective and long term SEO.

In your industry, you probably already have a few names in mind when you think of exceptional quality content. Content which you read as soon as it’s released. 

You might also link to that resource because it’s trusted by you.

What if, in time, you are that resource for your sector? Building your brand through consistency and quality content can produce this.

What is content production?

Today, content is the way we can stand out. 

Whether that’s exceptionally well considered blog posts, or pages which just hit the right note with your audience, the right content can deliver more to your business than any other element.

Alongside effective social media, link building, SEO and outreach campaigns, there is no more efficient way to deliver consistent growth to your business.

Content today has changed through. A video is content. An infographic is content. An original photograph is content. Google and users love both of these.

Let’s get creative!

Industry specialists

There’s no point in asking a generic copywriter to produce exceptional content in your industry .. they won’t have a clue. That’s why I have contact with writers who are industry specialists.

These dedicated bloggers typically have a fantastic social following too, allowing us to produce original research through polls and questions. 

They are the starting point for exceptional content creation.

What should we write?

The biggest waste of spend in content production is writing articles that no one really wants to read. Content marketing has received something of a bad name due to this.

But, it’s like saying aeroplanes aren’t a good form of travel to the Maldives because you board a plane to Australia. If you make a mistake at the outset, the aeroplane isn’t at fault for not meeting your travel goal.

Proper topic research, keyword research, and clustering of relevant keywords, will produce content which will – on average – be consumed significantly more than the average.

Love for infographics! Love for images!

Content can be exceptionally dry and dull if it’s just a wall of text. Even if it contains information that’s desired by the user, the lack of visual interest can be incredibly off-putting.

By using infographics, and other visual forms, the presentation of content can be significantly lifted since they break up the text, and user will typically engage with the page for much longer.

Infographics can significantly lift the presentation of pages

Quality over quantity

Statistics show that a truly shocking 90% of content never receives any traffic from Google. The wasted money from that content creation will be astronomical.

Brands are never built through average quality content. Even one poor piece of content can damage the impression of your business within its readership.

By creating a consistently high quality view of your business in the minds of customers and peers, you’ll find that growth comes to your business.

That’s why I take a quality over quantity first approach. Where others might advise writing every day or every week, my view is that’s wasted time. Instead, write on the correct topics and ensure it’s incredible.

Find out how content marketing can deliver consistent growth to your business.