People talk about processes a lot these days, but with good reason. Processes not only allow businesses to ensure they don’t forget important elements, but they are also tried and tested to produce effective results.

An accounting website design example

This is demonstrated in marketing in many areas, and the several months’ project of creating a website for an accountancy practice is definitely one. Creating an effective business website is much more involved than building one for a hobbyist business.

Why should I build a website for my accountancy practice?

A great question! Before deciding to spend thousands of pounds on a website, why do I need one?

Well, for the last 10 years, more and more people have been doing business online, finding new service providers both on Google and on Social Media.

In 2020 during the pandemic, the slow trend towards working online took a huge boost. Today there are around 33k searches including “accountant” in the UK … every month! That’s a significant amount of business to go after!

Competition has increased

In the days before the internet, someone would go to their Yellow Pages and start working through their local accountants, starting at A. It was hard work.

Now you can find 50 accountants in your local town in an hour and zero in on the ones who seem like a perfect match for you.

You can’t afford to miss out on your portion of this business.

Is my accountancy practice too small to benefit from a website?

The answer is almost certainly “no”. A website can make you appear a much larger company than you are, allowing you to bid for the business you otherwise might not have had access to.

So, in fact, it may that smaller accountancy firms benefit even more from having a fantastic online presence!

How do we build a website?

We have a set of important elements to consider when building a website, and they’re wrapped up in a fantastic process designed to have your site launched in 2-4 months, depending on the size of the website.

Every job is a little different, but this process captures the majority of what is needed.

1. Learning about your business, goals & customers – 1 week

It’s essential that we learn about you and your, how it functions, and how you increase your profit levels.

This allows us to design a site that suits your visitors’ needs, providing maximum lead generation in the final website.

Video is used extensively, throughout

We organise a video call with you, which we record. This can then we circulated amongst our team, so everyone is on the same page.

Customer avatar questions

We also have a fantastic list of questions that we ask to learn more about your customers. Our copywriters can then get inside their heads, creating headings and copy which suits their needs.

2. Generate a website structure – 2 weeks

Once we understand your business and your business goals, we look at the structure of the ideal site and which pages should exist.

We look at how your services should be displayed on the site and often suggest that customer problems are included somewhere too – since they come to you with a problem, not a solution.

These will be explained on videos, and we will make changes based on feedback.

3. Create a visual design style – 2-3 weeks

We favour clean, crisp and modern designs with an effective call to action buttons and headings which provide real information to help users skim-read the pages.

They can still be somewhat traditional, but all of our accountancy website designs will be clear and easy to understand. We find that trying too hard can lead to a poor result and a site which doesn’t convert users to leads very well.

We work on the homepage first (usually) and then design a couple of other pages before moving to the next step.

4. Visually design one of each type of page – 2 weeks

In order to ensure you’re happy with everything, we design one of each of the most important types of pages before building the actual site in WordPress.

We find this creates a much more visually appealing and effective result which holds together visually as a set of pages.

The resulting file looks something like this.

Full website build using professional visual design tool Figma

We produce more videos to walk you through each of the elements and why they are designed as they are. If our assumptions are incorrect, you can redirect us, and we can make changes.

5. Create all website pages – 2-4 weeks

Once we have signoff for the visual design of pages, we work within the web design software and create the versions of these pages, pretty much as you saw them in the design above.

We’ll usually make a couple of tweaks along the way, but the design you approved will be very close to the final version which is on the web.

Copy & SEO

At this stage, we start to think about copywriting in detail and ensuring that the content on the pages is optimised for Google, using a variety of specialist software.

Typically, we work out the search terms which the pages should be ranking for using analysis and then produce a detailed search engine optimisation brief for the copywriter, for each page.

6. Give you access for comments

You must be able to give feedback, and we have a system for that too. You can comment directly on the website, and we can have a conversation backwards and forwards on any points you feel are important.

It’s incredibly easy to use, and everyone loves it!

Providing feedback and comments on your accounting website

The comments will be dealt with by web designers or copywriters, depending on who the comment is aimed at.

7. Create mobile responsive versions of the pages – 1 week

When we’re all happy, we finalise the site by making the website changes for tablet and mobile device viewing.

It’s important to note elements like different text sizes and buttons and links being far enough apart that fingers find it easy to choose them.

Mobile version of a website is essential today

8. Finish SEO, tweaks & launch – 1 week

At this point, we’re virtually ready for launch, and the domain name can be switched to the new servers if they have changed as part of the project.

We also ensure that the important blog posts on your old site are copied over, and all links are “301 redirected” correctly so Google knows where everything has moved to. This ensures continuity with your traffic from Google.

This is something either we can help with, or your IT company.

Your new website is then live and ready to be admired by the world!

A few questions

What website builder do you use?

Currently, we favour WordPress and Elementor for building websites, since they are well supported in the marketplace and large enough companies to take their businesses seriously, leading to very limited amounts of mistakes when updating software.

We also use Figma and Photoshop for visual design.

Where do you host our website?

We don’t always; you have the option to do that yourself.

However, we like and recommend to use Siteground because it’s a mid-priced option with good speed and superb customer support.

Do you use accounting website templates?

If you don’t know, these are pre-made websites which you’ll find sell hundreds or thousands for about £50 each.

They are meant to be a cheap entry point, but they are typically designed by visual designers, rather than User Experience experts. This means they often miss the mark for website users.

No; from us, everything is designed and built in-house.


If you’d like to ensure that your accountancy firm website is modern, fast and ticks the boxes for your visitors, turning as many as possible into potential clients, get in touch with us.