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Project management 101 says that the cheapest place to make a mistake is at the start.

Professional SEOs do a vast amount of research to understand the traffic which you already have and where the gaps might exist for terms which you don’t rank for, and which you could rank for over time.

This will make the time or money you spend writing content much more effective for your business.

How do we do it?

We have access to keyword research tools which allow us to provide well researched information for any market. 

However, doing the job properly is more than pressing a few buttons. We need to understand your site and the topics should rank for, the topics which you’ve already written about and balance the terms we suggest with the strength of your site.

If you are not a strong site, the topics we suggest will be very different to a site which has existed for a decade.


Phil Drinkwater has just completed an SEO and user experience audit for my wedding and stationery business Ananya Cards. The comprehensive SEO audit allowed a deep dive into the business, including looking at keywords, backlinks, page titles, website look and feel, website structure and customer experience.

Phil showed me what is working well for the website and suggested both short term and long term actions to increase the visibility.

Phil made it easy to understand the audit and explained all the technical terms so that it was clear to follow.

Phil is knowledgeable, experienced, committed, approachable, friendly and knows his stuff! I would not hesitate to recommend him to help grow your business online.

Vashali Shah


Ananya Cards

An example

Let’s say your site is about dog walking and has been around for 2 years and has some links into it. It already ranks first page for your key term “dog walker in Bedford” and the equivalents. 

After significant research, here’s a few example topics I would suggest writing about:

  • “Essential dog walking safety gear”.
    Why? People search for it, but virtually no one has written on this topic exactly, so your chances of ranking are high.
  • “4 of the best dog walking vests.”
    Why? This is a popular product based term which you could produce and link to Amazon for some affiliate revenue, if you want to, but which will bring people to your site regardless.
  • “Why does my dog look back at me when we walk?”
    Why? No sites have written about this topic.

Since these topics are searched for by users, it’s expected that they would also be popular on social media platforms.

I would check you were not already ranking for these terms before proposing them.

Buy keyword research for your site

Choose how many article titles you’d like us to produce for you and add them to your cart.

Additionally, you can have the articles written for you if you’d like, or if you’re a good writer you can do my in-depth training on producing good quality content so you can learn about how to write articles for Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no clear answer to this. Many people will tell you "once a week", but in reality that's no more correct than any other answer.


At whatever stage of business you're at, quality is more important than quantity. If you can produce one really, really good article a month, that's better than four mediocre articles. 


Businesses build slowly, and businesses which build slowly are more likely to be here in ten years.

It's important for three key reasons: 

  1. People expect it from an expert.
  2. It brings traffic to your site, if it's promoted.
  3. It brings links to your site, if it's promoted.

People like to buy from businesses who seem like experts, and who care about their subject. It should be no susprise that one of the best ways to demonstrate expertise is by producing content.


Plus, social media and search engines are here to stay, and it's the number one way of getting traffic to your website.


Finally, it's the number one way to earn links to your site. If you produce a fantastic piece of content, people will eventually want to link to it, and it's at this point that Google really take notice of you.

Google rewards businesses which produce content by giving them new visitors, who might become customers.


Initially though, Google doesn't really know much about your business. It uses a large number of signals to help it understand.


Without these signals you will never rank for any terms.


Topical relevancy is one of these signals, and by writing on your subject, Google recognises you as an expert and promotes all of your content more.


In addition, articles and content attract links to your site. Google still considers these exceptionally important in determining whether to rank your site highly on page one, or way down on page five.