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The most effective  link building is based on exceptional content.

People link to content. However, the vast majority of content never receives any links at all.

By applying an effective formula for producing link-worthy content, the opportunity for gaining links increases drastically. As a side benefit, it also becomes content that is more interesting to potential customers.

What is link building?

One of the most important signals for Google in determining how highly to rank your website is the amount, strength and relevancy of the links to your site from other websites. 

How do you receive links though? By producing content that people will want to link to, and then telling everyone about it!

So, link building typically has two phases: Content Production and Outreach.

The right content attracts links automatically.

Writers are busy. 

They want to quickly find the content which can support their aims. They’ll often type phrases like “financial services stats” into Google in order to find some statistics which can allow them to provide their users with some interesting facts and figures.

So, the key to link building is writing the correct content for your industry.

When producing the content, unique data, a helpful page lede and some visual representation of statistics (usually an infographic) are essential.

Links awarded to content for one of my websites 


Once you’ve written the perfect content, it’s time to tell everyone about it. It’s here that successful social media can be of significant benefit, so if you’re not yet using social, it would be a great time to get started.

However, social media isn’t the only option. There is a huge amount of other options for letting people know about your content more directly using email, contacting people via social messengers, finding and letting people know that they have broken links on their site and suggesting our content instead … the list is endless.

 Link building … or link earning?

My preferred techniques for link building are natural and produce consistent and positive results over time. They don’t suffer from the ups and downs from some of the quicker techniques, which Google eventually creates penalties for.

For me, consistent growth is my aim for your business. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap fix, I’m probably not your guy!

Start with analysis

In order to understand the link building opportunities available in your industry, and to evaluate the strength and relevancy your current links, a link audit will be performed.

Your competitors links will be considered as part of this, as well as the types of content which are consistently attractive to websites in your sector. This work will dictate the content that I propose producing.

Discuss how to achieve growth in your business through link building.