Pricing options to suit different budgets

These prices are suitable for nearly all customers.
However, for more complicated projects we can provide a bespoke quote.
Step 1

A new UX website with brand positioning

Few businesses have a website which focus on the visitor, having being designed by graphic designers rather than user experience experts. We understand your visitors and focus on their needs in order to generate increased leads through the site. In addition, we get to know your business and how we can differentiate you from your competition by positioning your business in it’s own space.

The website is built and paid for over 3 months. You own the website. The website doesn’t include hosting since there are different needs and budgets – we will recommend. 

3 x £755
Over 3 months; total £2,265
3 x £1,265
Over 3 months; total £3,795
3 x £1,665
Over 3 months; total £4,995
3 x £?
Over 3 months; total £?
Optional step 2

SEO content generation

For SEO growth, we initially focus on content generation in order to improve the strength in Google’s belief that you are an expert in your field. This isn’t just a copywriter sitting down and writing; we use a variety of advanced SEO tools to determine what topics to cover and what to include in articles..

This phase typically takes 9-12 months and additionally produces a large amount of popular content to share on your social platforms.

per month
per month
per month
per month
Optional step 3

SEO analysis, strategy & iteration

Afterwards, we will analyse how Google has responded to Step 2 and based on findings, we may recommend more content, improvements to existing content, creation of additional pages on your website or building the SEO strength of your site in a different way with quality links pointing to your site.
We will work with you, and your ongoing budget, and explain our strategy in detail at every step.