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Your business deserves more traffic than it’s receiving.

The vast majority of SME’s have moderate to significant issues with the basics of their Search Engine Optimisation. 

That’s before we even get into topics which are directly costing them money, such as which topics to write about on their blog.

As someone who has worked hard on their business, receive the traffic you undoubtedly deserve.


SEO Audits

The missed opportunities from poor SEO can become incredibly costly through lost revenue, allowing competitors to overtake you. An audit can uncover ways to turn this around.


Business objectives

  • Detailed questionnaire to understand your business goals for marketing
  • Clear understanding of your the profitability of different areas of your business
  • Improvements to support your business direction

Technical SEO

  • Site setup (https, status codes, robots.txt, mobile friendly, sitemap, crawl errors etc...)
  • Site speed on mobile and desktop
  • Miscellaneous; broken links, internationalisation, indexation, duplicate content etc..

On page optimisation

  • Page titles and page lede
  • Content structure and alternative keyword usage
  • Content matching user intent

Link optimisation

  • Analysis of link strength and relevancy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Problem links (over-optimisation of anchor text)

Content analysis

  • Attractiveness of content for link building
  • User intent analysis
  • Content gaps & increased opportunity on current posts

Site structure

  • Use of internal links and anchor text
  • Page depth
  • Log file analysis (if necessary)

Discuss how an SEO audit can increase your traffic from search engines