As a professional copywriter, one of the most frequent requests today is producing SEO copy. 

Your customers may be using Social Media for some of their traffic, but SEO is still important, but maybe you don’t understand the processes that SEOs perform so you’re not really confident in producing SEO copy. 

As a 20 year SEO I’ve seen the trends in SEO come and go. Throughout, Google have wanted to put the best content in front of their visitors .. not the content which has the most SEO techniques applied to it.

5 years ago Google confidently said “Content is King”, but I think they were a little premature. However, I think today maybe they’re right. They’ve got the systems right to understand which content really is the most optimised for their users. 

I asked my SEO friends on twitter .. what matters in SEO copy? The answer was clear: cover the topic completely, but also in the comments, there was a significant amount of discussion about matching search intent. You can learn both.

Copywriters don’t have anywhere to learn SEO from

My friend is a professional copywriter. We were chatting one day and she highlighted that she’d love to learn SEO copywriting from me. I said …

“Surely there’s plenty of places you can learn SEO from?” She replied …

“well, much of it seems contradictory, some of it seems to be myths, and the rest is so full of acronyms that I really don’t get it. I’d need to spend months and years learning. What you’ve shown me today in keyword research I just didn’t know how to do. Now I understand how SEOs do this, I can see I’ve been doing this wrong for the longest time!”

So it turns out there’s little help in the SEO community for this task! Inefficient and ineffective copy production

Because of this lack of knowledge, a copywriter will produce the content and send it to an SEO to put the final SEO polish on top.

Surely though SEOs should be dealing with the site overall, and even more general online marketing, and writers should be writing? This system just seems incredibly inefficient!

For you then, this is not ideal. It would be massively advantageous if you were able to create content which is immediately effective for SEO and cut out the middle man – an SEO who doesn’t really understand how to write great copy and ruins what you’ve carefully crafted.

The most important single element of SEO copy is being useful by fully matching the search intent.


Elements of effective SEO copy

Some of the elements you’d need to understand would be:

  • An explanation of the huge amount of acronyms that SEOs use
  • What high quality white hat SEO content even means
  • How to match search intent
  • Effective keyword research and outlining 
  • How to achieve full topic coverage
  • Title tags and headings in articles
  • Knowledge of how to benefit from long-tail keywords
  • Writing for new vs. mature sites
  • Important user experience (UX) points
  • Producing backlink attractive articles
  • SEO myths and top mistakes
  • Producing personas to define the target audience
  • Google algorithm updates, and recent systems like BERT, E-A-T and entities
  • Competitive research, including why to write content that’s unique

… and a huge amount more besides.

Machine Learning and SEO

The latest Natural Language Processing techniques really do allow them to understand how well you are covering a topic, and content marketers would benefit from ensuring that they are aware of how Google evaluate articles and landing page copy today.

As you understand how to plan an SEO content strategy, for example, with keyword gap analysis and business evaluation, your customers will see more and more traffic. 

Even more, while it’s not specifically an SEO topic, as you understand the importance of a clear call to action, you will also be the hero by creating them not just traffic, but new customers from the web pages you write for them.

If you’re writing copy for a living, you can’t afford to turn down the lucrative SEO element of copywriting, which would allow you to increase your rate and provide new services. 

SEO training for copywriters

What you really need is an effective course for SEO copywriting, which can train at your leisure and learn everything you need that’s relevant, so you can confidently produce pieces of content which have SEO built into them from the very start.

With this course then, you can learn everything you need to produce highly effective content for your customers using modern SEO techniques, while also using your skill as a copywriter to produce beautiful journies with your words.

It isn’t there to teach you copywriting, but it is there to ensure you know how what happens that make SEOs successful for customers.