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The best long term SEO is achieved with a mix of technical and creative.

The technical factors that ensure Google can understand and consume the content on your pages are essential starting points for any Search Engine Optimisation.

But then, by creating a fantastic online brand which customers and peers want to engage with, Google will reward you with increasing amounts of relevant visitors.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a collection of techniques which aim to ensure that Google chooses to rank your pages and content higher than others.

The key elements are:

  • Technical SEO; ensuring that your website is setup correctly.
  • Link building; ensuring your site is desirable to link to.
  • On page optimisation; improving the content on pages.
  • Content creation; generation of articles which attract links and visits.
  • Site structure; linking pages together in a search friendly manner.

Technical SEO

This is the most important starting point for your business.

As sites become more complicated and people create more and more content, it’s essential that the fruits of your labour are fully realised.

Technical SEO will ensure that your website is set up correctly and that Google and visitors alike can find your content. 

On page optimisation

In order to rank your content highly, Google needs to believe it is the best content on the subject. 

All too often, content is produced purely with the mindset of specific keywords in mind and this creates a situation where neither Google nor users are satisfied with your pages.

By taking a more modern approach – topic coverage – content will be continue to be highly regarded by Google over the years, resulting is sustained business growth.

Link building … or link earning?

Typically, all websites will need some quality and relevant links from others in order to rank highly for the content which will deliver visitors, who will eventually turn into customers.

I prefer the term “link earning” to “link building” though, because links should be provided to content which stands out and is useful to others. Together, we can produce fantastic content which shines above the rest and which will earn significant amounts of links.

Site structure

Many sites miss how important structure can be to Google.

For small sites, ensuring that content doesn’t require too many clicks from the homepage is essential. For large sites, there may not be enough crawl budget to go around and new content can be ignored.

Changes to the structure, linkage and anchor text for links can produce fantastic SEO wins.

Exceptional content creation

If technical SEO is the cement that holds bricks together, content creation are the bricks themselves.

There isn’t a site on the internet today which ranks well without having fantastic quality content. However, content today means much more than just writing; we have design, graphics, photography, videos, infographics and even useful web applications.

Excellence in content creation is a cornerstone of SEO today.

Always start with an audit

In order to prioritise and find the work which will benefit the SEO of your website, an audit is required.

The audit will cover all of these key points and more, ensuring that work will be effective and provide business benefit.

Discuss the steps to improving your SEO and creating growth through increased traffic.