If you had 3 people want to travel together to different locations, who should win?

If person A wants to go to Paris, B wants to go to the US and C wants to go to Thailand, where do they all go?All too often, sadly, they go nowhere.

But if you find that A wants to go to Paris for shopping, B wants to go to the US for luxury and C wants to go to Thailand for a foreign feel … then maybe they can all agree on Dubai? It has all three.

This is slightly tongue in cheek of course, but it is something that happens every day in the online marketing world.

What happens too infrequently is reasonable compromise to meet the business goal.

SEO, visual design and CRO .. don’t mix?

  • Your SEO wants these words on the page, in this way.
  • Your visual designer wants to ensure there’s a minimal look.
  • Your conversion rate expert wants to ensure that the user journey towards your contact form is simple.

So who wins?

As a business and site owner for 20 years, I deal with these conundrums every day. Let’s look at what each of them want and how they can all get what they need. Let’s unify SEO, UX and CRO.

How can SEOs compromise?

SEO’s deal with signals from Google. We know that if you don’t have fantastic page title, or cover the right subjects, then it won’t deliver traffic.

How can SEOs compromise? They can’t compromise on the page title or headings, but they can accept any design, as long as you’ve ticked their specific technical SEO boxes. They’re also happy to hide content behind accordians and such.

How can visual designers compromise?

They’re primarily interested in making everything pretty. They love things to line up, not look cluttered or to look awkward to the eye. They’re sticklers for colours and would want to see some interesting design ideas.

How can they compromise? They actually aren’t that interested in how much content there is .. as long as it looks good. So, your page may end up longer than a typical SEO would make it, but SEO isn’t going to care. 

They will also be totally happy with hiding some content.

How can CRO experts compromise?

They’re want to know that every single person who visits your site has such a good enough experience that they’ll click to buy something, or fill in your contact form, or anything else which generates revenue.

How can CRO experts compromise? As long as the design allows the users to follow a reasonable and easy to use path, and the content doesn’t get in the way of having effective buttons and contact forms, they really don’t care about the rest of it.

A perfect page?

What is needed is someone to be the referee. That’s my role so much of the time. 

I’m often leading the SEO, leading the design and leading the CRO, but since understand the trigger points for each of them I can find the compromise. What we can end up with is a fantastically crafted page which hits everyone’s spot. 

Sure, everyone had to compromise a little bit, but mostly on points they don’t care about and the business now has a page which looks good, performs well in Google and converts to revenue.

Suddenly .. everyone is happy! And especially the business!!

The key is compromise

So, next time your SEO tells you that they’re not happy with what the visual designer has done to the elements of the page, sit them down and force them to work out what really matters to them and to creatively come up with a solution.

And while they’re at it, include the CRO specialist because they’d like to talk to you about the buttons!